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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Trademark SCAM! Have you received a letter like this for your overseas trademark application?

Pay close attention, this document is a scam to get thousands from you with no reasonable purpose.
To start, do not pay any company that claims to “Register” your mark “internationally.” Any document in relationship to your trademark application and/or registered mark, should be strictly from the United States Patent and Trademark Office,” “The World Intellectual Property Office” or your attorney.
Second, read the fine print “By transferring the amount indicated, you approve this offer for listing in the TM-Collection- Edition 2011.” We visited their website: www.tm-collection.com and found that it is an “unofficial” trademark catalog and it is in fact a graphic design company.

If you decide to pay $1650.00 for this scam for your mark to appear in a catalog of trademarks, please keep in mind that this will not affect the Registration of your Trademark .
If you have any further questions, you should contact your attor

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